What Is The Best Betting Strategy When Wagering on Virtual Sports
Posted on: May 31, 2019, by : Rechelle

Backing Selections of roughly the same odds each time

Let’s now take an eye at how you would have performed had you selected your horses based on their odds alone. Although there is a wide range of odds available in each race and not all odds are available in every race, let’s assume that in each race you backed one horse around odds of 9/1.


Now, of course, this immediately makes things difficult as you can have several selections in a race at those odds and you may not back them all. That should be boring in mind when considering the outcome of this investigation.


A review of the races reveals that horses of odds 9/1 won twice during the 20 race selection (in Race 6 and race 14). That would have returned you #200, and meant that you break even. Had you picked 10/1 as your odds of choice, that two won twice in the selection (Races 11 and 16) and that would have returned you #220, a #20 profit?


Odds of 8/1 however only won once (Race 18), and that meant throughout the 20 races you’d have lost #110. The shortest price winner was 11/5 (Race 3), and the longest was 28/1 (Race 8).

Using odds as your indicator on whether to bet on one of the options isn’t the easiest as there are too many variations and you may need to cover multiple selections in a single race. As such, I’d not suggest you use this method as a way to bet on Virtual Sports.


Can a”Martingale” way of Virtual Sports gamble work?


A Martingale strategy is a form of gambling at which the punter Doubles their wager every and every time till they triumph of which time they virtual horseracing starts the device from the 1 unit bet. The notion is when used on matches at which there was about a 50/50 outcome (for instance, gambling Red/Black in blackjack ) whenever you win you may guarantee that a 1 unit profit and pay your losses.


That is insecure enough when utilized within a match like roulette Where a streak of the exact form of number developing may indicate you being forced to bet higher and higher levels to retain the device running after having a comparatively short amount of twists.