ioniq hybrid vs prius

Toyota Prius vs Hyundai Ioniq Premium Comparison

Last week, the duo found out whether the all-new Hyundai ioniq hybrid vs prius will present its standard competitor, the Toyota Prius, a run for the currency.

Kid. I am working to find out why Hyundai has chosen to build up the Ioniq hybrid vehicle for being a sedan. It’s terrible enough sales of four doors have reached a constant reduction, but combine that with the fact hybrid-powered cars of some sort are still a tiny proportion of overall earnings in Canada and — even provided that petrol prices do not suddenly spike — which could almost appear to make sure that the brand new Hyundai would soon be an uncommon sight on Canadian roads. In case the business wanted to help expand its eco-sensitive initiative, why wouldn’t it have made more sense for this to build up a crossover? There are better sales chances there.

Nevertheless, the Ioniq has its sights about the Toyota Prius, the eponymous poster automobile for its enviro-conscious. Thus, setting the rest aside, I suppose that the question would be: Has Hyundai were able to out-Prius the Prius?


Nick Tragianis: Well, when the Hyundai Ioniq did not out-Prius The Prius, it undoubtedly was able to out-normal it. And do you know everything?

Let us begin with all the basics — that the Hyundai Ioniq is powered By way of a 1.6-liter direct-injected lookup engine using 104 horsepower along with 109 lb.-ft. Of torque. That is only a portion of this narrative — installed to a generator and a 1.56-kWh battery. Also, the Ioniq is graded at an internet system output of 139 horsepower and 195 lb.-ft. Of torque. That is provided for front wheels using a six-speed dual clutch automated transmission. No more CVTs here! Plus, Natural Resources Canada speeds the Ionic’s joint fuel market at 4.4 L/100 km, even though I dropped 5.1 L/100 km. Nearly all of them has been at the metropolis, which is well worth noting a tank of petrol continued only over 900 kilometers.

That is a Fantastic way to describe that the Ioniq Versus the Prius. Hyundai has, with all the Ioniq, chosen to combine it in the automotive mainstream. Toyota, meanwhile, has consistently experienced the Prius stick outside, as should observe the automobile’s uniqueness. This was nice once the motor had a friendly, organic appearance opting for this. With the most recent version, however, it’s all passive/aggressive; its frowning face and sharp angles are apparently at odds with its counterparts that are eco-friendly.

Talking about that, both cars are acutely fuel-efficient. By the time that I came back the Prius straight back again to Toyota, the gas screen was revealing an extremely frugal 4.3 L/100 km.


Yes, even if we are Taking a Look at particular power output signal, the Prius And its 12-1 net horsepower — thanks to a 1.8L Atkinson cycle four-cylinder with 9 1 horsepower and also a 71-horsepower electric engine — seem outgunned. In fact, but the car accelerates with efficacy in case not outstanding eagerness, and will be further customized to operate in Power manner or Eco manner, based upon your driver’s requirements. Nevertheless, the complex shifter needs to move! Exactly why Toyota, an anally legitimate corporation, has uttered the Prius on this particular mechanism is outside my grasp.

NT: You opened a can of worms. Utilizing a lot of this

I could even see how this could switch consumers off. And yet more, the inner is the point where the Ioniq conveniently out-normals that the Prius, in spite of the usage of cheap plastics in certain areas.

Anybody testing the waters that are hybrid to the Very First Time Will come across the Ioniq an intimidating vehicle. A couple of matters from the Prius’s favor, even though: the images, notably those regarding the gas market, are somewhat more comprehensive and bolder than at the Hyundai; secondly, the Prius’s steering feel is better. The Ioniq is overly remote and light. It badly needs trimming up. And the Hyundai’s front chairs are less comfortable.

NT: OhI concur. In my novels — at the reliability section. Having been in existence for two years, there isn’t any wonder Toyota’s hybrid power train is well-established and demonstrated. The proof is in the pudding; there exist reasons you visit yellowish Prii roaming the roads of nyc. This is not a knock around the Ioniq, purse; it’s only that being a fresh competitor from the department, Hyundai has to establish itself being a full-time Prius alternative. But then again, the Prius was at the specific same spot in 1997.

Time will tell, however, the Ioniq is still promising. Not merely can it be More successful compared to the Prius, it features a far more conventional design, something which wouldn’t doubt interest people who would otherwise need a fresh Prius but couldn’t gut the appearance. I don’t blame them if I were in their shoes, then I would supply the Hyundai Ioniq an opportunity. It has got the chops to have the Prius.

BH: Prius versions, notably the Prius Vare the Taxi-cabs Of choice in most major cities. Therefore yes, their visibility is a Strength. Undoubtedly in this respect, the Ioniq Will Need to Benefit your esteem Of those eco-conscious. User-friendliness and normalcy are the most significant strengths. Still, I can not assist But believe Hyundai made an error by going green with an automobile rather than a Cross over. I shall soon be happily surprised if I am proven wrong.