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Vehicle Comparisons: 2019 Toyota Highlander vs. Honda Pilot 2019

In case you Want a reliable SUV to your drives throughout the San Both are fantastic alternatives, but one offers more of precisely what you want?

To Assist You to pick, the group in Norm Reeves Toyota North Park Consider the 20-19 Toyota Highlander vs. Honda Pilot inside this side-by-side contrast.

Highlander Versus Pilot: Advertisers and Fuel Efficiency

If You’d like a fuel-efficient SUV which does not detract on Engine power, you are going to be content with the Toyota Highlander or compare pilot. Both vehicles have the EPA-estimated highway fuel economy of 27-mpg when armed with a V6 engine along with front-wheel drive-train (FWD).1

Even the Toyota Highlander gets an EPA-estimated 21 MPG town and

In Terms of these motors they make a 3.5L V6 engine available:

While both SUVs are fuel-efficient, drivers in The Pilot may locate their performance lacking than this of those Highlander.

Toyota Highlander open skies roofInside that the 2019 Highlander And Pilot, you are going to discover a cozy cabin for both passengers and drivers. Back seat passengers can relax and unwind through a long driveway using an accessible blu-ray ™ video player and also a screen that hangs down from the ceiling.

Front seat passengers may remain amused by connecting their Mobiles into the infotainment system via Bluetooth ®. In this manner, they can stream music through their automobile speaker make hands free mobile calls while on the go.

This info will be displayed on a typical 6.1-inch Touchscreen from the Toyota Highlander and also a 5.2-inch LCD screen in the Pilot. Throughout a road trip, drivers could wind up a little convenient from the Highlander, that supplies 44.2 inches of front seat leg-room, in contrast to only 40.9 inches from the Pilot.

Standard Safety Features

The clinic, or venturing to get a family vacation, you should have the reassurance of a standard package of original security features in either 2019 Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot.

In Reality, the two SUVs create a Forward Collision Warning Method standard. This technique uses sensors to track to get hazards upward ahead. If felt, it will issue an alarm to slow down or discontinue. It may automatically hit on the brakes to get you personally if essential to maintain a possible collision.


Additionally, they also have a Normal Lane-keeping System that supplies A warning when it senses you can well be inadvertently drifting out from the planned lane of travel.


The Highlander has Another attribute in its own Toyota These headlights automatically disable on and off when approaching oncoming traffic onto a shadowy roadway. In this manner, you can focus more on browsing low-visibility requirements and not as much on fixing your beams.


Even the Honda Pilot does not provide a comparable attribute, while an Upgrade, which might result in drivers to be distracted if driving dark or moist conditions.



The group in Norm Reeves Toyota North Park compared the 20-19 If you would like to offer it a go for yourself, then contact us now, and we’ll allow you to get when driving.


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