Marijuana Comic Book Reviews
Posted on: July 2, 2019, by : Rechelle

A few of the entrepreneurs showcased on the seventh episode of”The marijuana comic” needed only a bit more time to bake their thoughts thoroughly.

Would you patronize a cannabis-friendly dinner club at a critical location or

practice marijuana-inspired yoga (the instructional video has a THC

vaporizer)? The judges around the episode of”The Marijuana Show,” a

Shark Tank-like reality internet series filmed in Denver, predicted customers’ answer would be no, and rejected the entrepreneurs who pitched those ventures.

The newest installment features a handful of entrepreneurs who didn’t cut. So which savvy business owner will join a group of nine others to be mentored by industry experts at Bud Camp? (The show doesn’t include Those juicy and harsh Donald Trump-like”You are fired!” scenes, but the creators specified via email which contestants did and didn’t advance.)

The contestant chosen to move on was probably the show’s most stereotypical marijuana-user-with-an-idea: Jeffrey Peterson, who calls himself the “420 Comic” and holds standup gigs in Nevada, effective pitched cannabis- Based comic novel. We’re not talking about a rare comic book or even a comic Book that comes with weed, and we’re discussing a comic book wrapped tight together with Bud jokes.