How we recover Council Tax debt
Posted on: February 8, 2019, by : Rechelle

People who reside in a council house or housing association house aren’t able to go house conventionally via buying and selling. They must go home by engaging in a reciprocal exchange with another council house tenant. It is a relatively straightforward procedure, and the toughest part is finding a suitable residence or person to exchange with. Most renters will be on the lookout for a like for like an exchange or perhaps hope to enhance their living conditions. Sometimes a renter will need to downsize, upsize or proceed to another area entirely.

council tax debts

If you want to move house and exchange, you are fortunate at the fact that you’re not alone. Many people all over the united kingdom are in precisely the same position, and some will be desperate to discover a house like yours. What you must do is find from accomplishing them as quickly as possible.

The two main routes to discover a mutual exchange are via the local council exchange service or using sites which focus on finding a swap.

Using your local council usually is free, but it can be passive and slow. They’ll take your details and include your home for their list. When this is done, it’s a matter of waiting for these to come up with various other properties for you to consider. Councils are always very bureaucratic so that it will take time. All details will need to be to be perfect before they help. No rent or council tax debts must exist, and everything has to be in order. All councils function in another way, but many will operate within their area. Not useful if you have to move to a different part of the UK.

So you have a choice when looking to exchange your property. Either to let your council do it all for you and hope they find a home you’d like to proceed to. Another would be to actively go out and seek a property that’s precisely what it is you’re looking for using an exchange site.

Whichever selection of support you select, the more work you put into finding a suitable property, the better. When you see the ideal house, you’ll be glad you put the job in at the beginning.